Eyelash Extensions After Care

Thank you for choosing Paradise Lashes for your Eyelash Extensions! Did you know that only 1/2 of lash longevity depends on your lash tech? The remaining 1/2 depends on after care! With proper at-home care and regular fills, your extensions can last indefinitely.


DO wash your lashes at minimum 3 times per week with an oil-free cleanser. I love Aveeno or just good old Johnson&Johnson baby shampoo! You want to keep your lashes clean for better retention and to get rid of any makeup residue or bacteria that leads to infections.

You can wash your lashes by gently rubbing the lash line with lip gloss applicators which are soft, lint free and work like magic! You can also use a soft eye shadow brush. I personally prefer the applicators only because they are disposable.

Oily skin types  and active clients experience shedding at a faster rate than others- spritzing or wiping your lids throughout the day is highly recommended to prevent the oil from traveling down the lashes (this applies for sweat also).

DO brush your lashes daily with provided brush to keep them looking nice and neat and to help get rid of any fallouts.

DO book your fills in advance to maintain the fullness and avoid any last minute disappointments. Eyelash Extensions fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. Before your fill, give your eyelashes a good wash for better retention. Oil, dirt and make-up residue can prevent the glue from adhering properly.


DO NOT sleep on your lashes. Whichever side you sleep on more often will encounter a higher lash loss. If you have trouble with this try a sleep mask! This one is contoured and won't smudge makeup, rub eyelash extensions, or put unwanted pressure on your head.

Do Not use any oil-based products around the eyes including make-up, sunblock, eye creams, serums, lotions, etc.

DO NOT rub, pick or pull your lash extensions. You will be pulling your natural lashes out prematurely.

DO NOT tint, perm or curl your lashes as this can cause damage.

DO NOT wear mascara! it is extremely hard to clean all the product off completely, and residue can break down the adhesive, causing your lashes to slip off.

DO Not apply concealer, foundation or tinted moisturizer directly on the eyelid. Product build-up on the lash line will cause premature shedding and potentially infections over time.

DO NOT come in direct eyelash contact with extreme heat such as ovens, blow dryers and lighters. Extreme heat exposure can loosen the curl of the extensions.

Our natural lashes shed on a daily basis, so it is perfectly normal to lose 1 to 5 lashes a day.

Feel free to contact me anytime with questions on aftercare!  (954) 665-9104