Eyelash Extensions- Classic or Volume?

When making an appointment for Eyelash Extensions you will be faced with making the decision of going with either Classic Eyelash Extensions or Volume Eyelash Extensions aka "Russian Volume". The differences between these two techniques can make or break your experience and ultimately your individual results. So let's start with the basics for my girls that are new to the lash world...

What are Eyelash Extensions?

The Eyelash Extension procedure consists of adhering soft, light and flexible mink or faux mink lashes to your natural eyelashes one extension at a time. Average application time for a full set is 2-4 hours, depending on the level of fullness you would like to achieve. A variety of styles and levels of volume can be achieved with  different techniques (Classic and Volume). Eyelash Extensions are waterproof so you can shower, swim and live your life with luscious lashes! With proper after-care and regular fills, eyelash extensions can last indefinitely.

Eyelash Extension "technique or method" is not to be confused with the style, shape or length of the extensions used for your service. Many eyelash techs have different names for the particular services they offer ranging from natural to dramatic depending on how many extensions are added. Today we are discussing the  two techniques (Classic or Volume) used to create your look with 100% full coverage of your natural lashes (no counting lashes here).

Classic Eyelash Extensions

 A method where one  eyelash extension is adhered to one natural eyelash at a time. This method is also known as 1 on 1 or 1:1. Classic eyelash extensions benefit medium to full natural lashes, not recommended for medium-sparse to thin-sparse lashes.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Why doesn't the Classic Eyelash Extension method benefit thin or sparse natural lashes?

  1. When applying one- on- one lashes, your are limited by the amount of natural lashes you have. If you have sparse lashes your eyelash tech will not be able to fill in the gaps; you will still have the exact same amount of eyelashes you started with, only they will be a bit thicker.

  2. In order to maintain the health of your natural lashes and not cause premature shedding, the thickness of the eyelash extension placed should not be a lot thicker or longer than your natural lash. If you have very fine lashes, the suitable extension thickness will probably not be enough to create the visual effect you are expecting.


Volume Eyelash Extensions or "Russian Volume"

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Method used when multiple lashes are shaped in to a "fan" and applied to one single natural eyelash at a time. If two eyelash extensions are applied to one natural lash it’s described as 2D, if three eyelash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash then it’s described as 3D etc.  With "mega-volume", you can see fans of up to 12D!

The extensions used for volume are significantly thinner than the extensions used for classic. They create a lighter, fluffier and fuller look. Volume lashes are prefect for clients who have fine lashes, sparse lashes or bald spots. They are also great for clients wishing to create an extra-full or dramatic look. 

What are the benefits of Volume Eyelash Extensions?

  1. Because very fine extensions are used, you can create a fan and add fullness (within reason) without compromising the health of your natural lashes.

  2. Clients with medium to full lashes that are able to take a higher lash count will obtain that dramatic "eye-liner" look that you get from an eyelash strip.

Service Time, Fills and Pricing.

Depending on the area, experience, technique and quality of your eyelash tech you will see a great variation of  time  allotted for service and pricing of Classic vs Volume Eyelash Extensions. The following table will give you an idea of the time you will be committing to and average pricing for services. 

Volume Lashes

Full Set:

  • Price: $250 to $500

  • Time: 3 hours to 4 hours

Fill (every 3-4 weeks):

  • Price: $100 to $300

  • Time 1 hour 45 min to 2 hour 1/2

Classic Lashes

Full Set:

  • Price: $150 to $300

  • Time: 2 hours to 2 hours 1/2

Fill (every 2-3 weeks):

  • Price: $70 to $100

  • Time: 1 hour to 1 hour 1/2

These averages are based on eyelash extension artists that provide correct application (with your natural lash health in mind) and  full coverage of your natural lashes. I emphasize this because your eyelash extensions will ultimately last longer and look better when your natural lashes are healthy and completely filled. These two qualities (among others) are what distinguish a quality lash artist from the rest.


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